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Hollywood -- the mid-1990's -- pornography had become more than mainstream entertainment, for many, it’s a way of life. Made accessible to everyone through VHS, it’s become a billion-dollar industry since the “porn-explosion” started in L.A. during the 1980’s. At the dawn of the Internet, aging pornstar Karen Ann Dunn is seeing her sales and viewing popularity decline. But she has an ace-in-the-hole; Karen looks incredibly similar to the famous Hollywood starlet Eva Stockwell . . . so much so that they could have been twin sisters. To capitalize on this uncanny similarity, Karen begins using the stage name “Diva Stockwell” and the sales from her steamy videos skyrockets. However, Eva Stockwell and her publicity machine do not take Karen’s publicity stunt lightly. What they perceive as infringing name confusion, prompts a lawsuit, vicious media bantering, and fodder for the talk-show pundits, all leading to Eva’s near emotional breakdown. When one of the women is victim to a freak accident, LAPD Detectives David Perkins and Gail Cunningham shift through the ashes of her life to discover a tragic past, twisted relationships and motives for murder. Travel through the studio back-lots and desperate Tinsel Town streets in this provocative page-turning thriller, as muted voices from beyond the grave whisper a sinister tale of sex, money, temptation and some of Hollywood's most powerful players.

Amanda Cox worked in a Los Angeles vice unit as an undercover detective in the 1990s and she has many stories to tell. Although her works are fiction, sometimes, as the expression goes, facts are stranger than fiction. Her characters are inspired by many of the bizarre individuals she had encountered during her distinguished career, and her plots have the gripping elements of reality. A psychology major from UCLA, Amanda understands that good writing requires a high degree of attention to details and a comprehensive understanding of the criminal mind. A private pilot and overall adventurer, Amanda now lives with her husband and two daughters in rural Colorado, where her authorial life is worlds away from that of her precarious professional past.
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